Real Estate meets Telecommunications.

Whether you own a high-rise in the heart of downtown houston or a self-storage facility tucked away in the Heights, your property can help create reliable coverage.

An unlikely synergy that will change how we deploy infrastructure. Have you ever noticed how Technology and Real Estate seem like they’re from completely different galaxies? One’s all about bytes, the other bricks. Put on your business hat, though, and they’ll turn into the peanut butter and jelly of sectors – seemingly separate but oh-so-good […]

A brief Bio: from lightning strikes to a better-connected future.

A brief Bio about Jose Torres

“Uno…dos…tres,” my Father would calmly count with his eyes fixed on the Colombian sky. Each number marked a second’s passing after the searing brightness of a lightning bolt. ”…cuatro…cinc-THERE!”…he would assert as the sound of Thunder reached us. Teaching me how to measure the strike-distance of lighting using time, my Father planted a seed of […]