Rooftop Rental Opportunities with Longfi Solutions

An unlikely synergy that will change how we deploy infrastructure.

Have you ever noticed how Technology and Real Estate seem like they’re from completely different galaxies? One’s all about bytes, the other bricks.

Put on your business hat, though, and they’ll turn into the peanut butter and jelly of sectors – seemingly separate but oh-so-good together.

Cheesy analogies aside, Telecommunications needs Real Estate; Today, like never before.

This is not a new thing, though

Almost two decades ago, massive, macro antennas entered the game as towering giants of connectivity and technology. and since their birth, they have found a home in the Commercial Real Estate Sector, albeit a very tiny portion of it.

4G and LTE Signal is what most people and things use today to transmit mobile data. Enjoying a large range, and the ability to go through some subtle obstructions, 4G/LTE Signals are most efficient when emitted from the tallest structure around.

With these physics in mind, Big Telco companies like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, pick out only the tallest buildings in a region to engage in Roof Leasing Agreements, leaving out the vast majority of Comercial Real Estate Owners. Something if about to change, though.

5G needs you. But, what is 5G?

5G sounds cool, right? And we all want 5G, right? Right. So let’s learn why to achieve a true 5G ecosystem, we need more than just excitement; we need infrastructure.

In the world of telecommunication, some of the main components include your trusty smartphone, advanced firmware, and, of course, the star of our show today – the antenna. The antenna is a piece of infrastructure that “Speaks”. And by speaking, I mean generating an electromagnetic wave at a specific frequency, amplitude and gain that carries data through the air at close to the speed of light until it reaches your Cellphone.

5G goes fast, not far.

5G is Faster: That’s why we like it. 5G offers blazing speeds that make 4G look like a leisurely stroll. It’s like upgrading from a bicycle to a jet.

But here’s the twist – 5G’s range is about ten times shorter than 4G. This means that 5G antennas will need to be placed 10 times closer together to create continuous coverage. For example: if we need 100 4G antennas to fully cover Houston with 4G Signal, we will need about 1,000 antennas to provide 5G signal to the same area. This massive increase in required infrastructure leads to much higher capital and operating costs to support a 5G network rollout.

Deploying and maintaining antennas is already an expensive operation for Big Telco, but densifying their regions by a factor of 10 might be cost prohibitive. Thus, the slow roll out of 5G. Today, though, there are new players beyond BigTelco and Big Buildings. There’s us.

We’re All in This Together

With the advent of 5G technology and its shorter range, the playing field has been leveled. Now, almost all Real Estate players can participate in creating a 5G network, and benefiting from it. Whether you own a high-rise in the heart of a downtown areas or a self-storage facility tucked away in the suburbs, your property can help create reliable coverage.

But here’s a catch: we can’t do this alone. We need property owners of all kinds to come together and make this vision a reality. It’s about collaboration and community. We’re not just building a better network; we’re building stronger connections between neighbors, businesses, and the world at large.

Simple Truths

The main lesson is simple—Telecommunications needs Real Estate.

The underlying truth is simple as well — Every single sector needs Telecommunications. Think about any industry in the present or in the future. Now, take away its ability to transmit digital data…is there much left of that industry? Not likely.

From online banking to transportation, every modern effort relies on the ability to communicate with the world – every modern effort relies on Telecommunications.

Companies like HeliumXNET IncKarrier One are developing technologies that enable LongFi Solutions to deploy next-generation telecommunications infrastructure on all kinds of Real Estate properties (not just the tallest of buildings), to create reliable coverage, in more places, at more affordable rates.

Message me to discover how much your property can earn by deploying small-cell antennas. Because Together, we can create a better-connected future.

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