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LongFi Solutions is shaping the future of telecommunications by deploying and optimizing Decentralized Wireless (DeWi) networks around the globe. 

Telecommunications drives Human Progress.

Yet, People and Industries across the globe are held back by the their current Telco service. 

Most people around the world lack cellphone coverage simply because its not profitable for Big Telco to deploy in their area. 

Even people in well-off Places often go off-grid when entering a subway, or visiting an underground bar. 

More and more frequently, concertgoers, convention center attendees, and sports fans find their signal throttled down 

Effective 5G coverage requires over 10 times the amount of antennas to cover the same area, when compared to 4G/LTE

This 10x densification amounts to a massive capital and time investment.

Next-gen infrastructure projects require next-gen communication networks that are low-latency, high-bandwidth, and ultra-secure.

Examples of potential projects include Autonomous Mobility and Smart Manufacturing.

Big Challenge for Big Telco

Expanding or enhancing a Telecommunications Infrastructure requires massive capital and time. Think about securing thousands of new sites,  and procuring deploying, and maintaining new equipment.  

Even for huge, multinacional companies, addressing this challenge can easily be a multi-year effort. The 


 Decentralized    Wireless   

Decentralized Wireless enables next-gen Telecommunications to meet the world’s growing connectivity needs.

Applying the latest blockchain technologies to the traditional Telco sector revolutionizes network deployment methodologies.  

Ecosystems like Helium and Pollen Mobile incentive individuals to deploy, maintain, and optimize wireless infrastructures. 

This decentralized approach reduces capital expenditure, increases expansion speed, and promises an overall better user experience. 

Through DeWi, Real Estate owners can further monetize their assets by providing wireless coverage to the surrounding community. 

Building rooftops, condos balconies, and even high-rise office space are ideal candidates for DeWi infrastructure deployments. 

Traditional Telco struggles to meet the fluctuating high demand of sporting complexes, concert venues, and large convention centers. 

DeWi incentivizes adequate coverage to these area, by rewarding individuals for the amount of data their Antennas transmit.  

Thus, property owners surrounding high-demand areas can profitably deploy DeWi infrastructure.

Next-gen industries require low-latency, high-bandwidth, and sometimes private communications. 

Through DeWi deployments, comapanies can create private networks that enable Smart Manufacturing. 

Achieving ubiquitous 5G coverage in a city will enable Mass Autonomous Mobility. 

We Are A DeWi Ecosystem Integrator.

Since deploying the 1st DeWi antenna in Houston, Texas in 2019, LongFi Solutions has experienced the evolution of the DeWi Sector, developing a deep understanding of the deployment challenges for building effective network coverage.

Through its DeWi journey, LongFi Solutions has developed a clear understanding of the needs and goals of the key DeWi Players.

This industry knowledge resulted in successful projects with the Retail, Private, and Governmental sectors, giving birth to long-lasting strategic partnerships.  

What started as a personal hobby for its integrants, evolved into an industry-leading, global company in less than 3 years. 

At the core of this rapid evolution and growth lies the passion we have for investigating, deploying, and optimizing Decentralized Wireless infrastructure. 

Naturally, this passion turns information into knowledge, and experience into expertise, making LongFi Solution the prime choice for generating value for its investors and technological uplift for local and global communities. 

The early success of Ecosystems like Helium and Pollen Mobile motivates new DeWi companies to offer next-gen telecommunications. 

Uniquely positioned to assess and rapidly deploy winning DeWi projects, LongFi Solutions will reap both early-adoption benefits and long-term compounding value. 

In short, our business model scales with DeWi’s Sector growth, which in turn is driven by the ever-increasing demand for better Telecommunications. 

Our Team

Josh Heller

CEO / Co-Founder

Andrew Warshauer

COO / Co-Founder

Josh Orlowski


Jose Torres


Leading the DeWi Expansion across the Globe

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DeWi enables ubiquitous access to next-gen telecommunications across the globe.

Funding LongFi’s mission provides exposure to the asymmetric upside of our early-stage impact.

  • Raising up to $2 million to buildout immediate pipeline of opportunities via SAFEs with $10M valuation cap / 20% conversion discount. Proceeds primarily for deployment of equipment in Texas, Denver, Florida, and other large markets.
  • Raising up to $2 million in growth capital to buildout immediate pipeline of opportunities which could result in EBITDA of $5-15M by 2025.

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Become a DeWi Partner and start earning by providing or validating cellphone Coverage in the community around you.

Earn by Providing Coverage


You provide a good location for effective cell coverage.


We provide all the equipment and manage the installation.


We all earn Passive Income for creating a people-owned network.

Earn by Validating Coverage


LongFi provides a BumbleBee and the Mapping Route. 


Mappers complete each route, Daily, earning income for each area they validate.


LongFi distributes monthly payments for all the areas validated.

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